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"I am recommending the Read Now! program to all my kindergarten children and also to fellow kindergarten teachers. I feel if they have the program, the children will have a better chance of succeeding when they enter first grade. Thank you for a product that will make a difference"
Pat Hedia, Kindergarten Teacher

"The I See Sam reading program has made a tremendous impact upon me and many other educators. I have not encountered another program which involves the art of learning so successfully as Read Now! As an educator, I can therefore strongly recommend it for all beginning readers."
Florence Wright, Department of Education, Harrisburg, PA

"The first day you introduce a book, the children can take the book home and read it to their parents that night. From my years of experience in education, I've found that children who learn to read early are the ones who are successful all the way through their school experience."
Gwen Hougo, Kindergarten Teacher

"My dad got me Read Now!........I don't need help any more, because now I know how to read!
Andrew, Beginning Reader

"I bought "Read Now!" for my grandson for his birthday. The next time I visited him, he was already reading. Now his younger sister is using it too. The whole family has enjoyed the program, and guess who they thank for giving it to them?"
Thomas Williams, Grandfather

"When we got Read Now! for our daughter, I was immediately amazed at the high quality of the program material. The animation is Disney quality and the colors are brilliant. She immediately identified with one of the young girls in the live action segments and loves the music. She was hooked on the videos, putting them in the VHS herself when we're not around and following along, reading from the books out loud. Thank you Read Now! for a wonderful product!"
Barbara Hollinger, Parent

"Follow-up testing has shown that children who learn with the "I See Sam" method achieve consistently higher grades."
Donna Siegel, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

My mom is from Costa Rica and didn't speak a word of English before she started looking at the Read Now! program with my son. She never wants to admit it, but she really enjoys the videos and has started to understand and speak English as a result of watching the program!"
Rosalba Ortiz, Mother

"We're a Christian home schooling family. I was so pleased to find Read Now! Not only have my two sons (5 and 6) learned to read with the program, but their sister (not even 4 yet) has been following along with them and already knows many of the words from the books and videos. I also want to thank you so much for those wonderful live-action stories. It's rare to find really wholesome entertainment which I can feel safe to leave my children to watch over and over -- that is also educational. The music is wonderful too! I've found myself humming it even when the tape is not on!"
Susie Mallory, Parent

"Thanks so much for your Read Now! program. I run a home day-care center for 12-20 children, from 4 different ethnic backgrounds. Until I found your program, I struggled to figure out a way to help the non-English speaking kids learn to communicate with the others. Your program is fantastic. Not only do all the kids learn to read from the program, but the stories provide positive "act-out" material to keep them busy even after I turn off the tapes."
Missy Robinson

"I just wanted to write and thank you for your "Read Now! Partner Program" Our kindergarten and first grade classes have used it as part of their fund-raising efforts and it has substantially contributed to our "discretionary spending" budget. In these tough economic times our budget keeps getting cut. Thank God there are a few companies that really care like yours who help us out to keep things going the way we want them to."
Kim Tomogashi, School Administrator.

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