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Whether you are a stay at home parent looking for additional income, a school or day care organization looking for fundraising opportunities, or simply a webmaster looking for a way to add to your income while helping to share a fantastic product which can positively impact the world in which you live -- our Affiliate Program is the opportunity you have been looking for!

How it works:
When you sign up as a Read Now! Affiliate, you have access to our attractive selling banners, and the specialized coding which goes along with them, which can be placed on your website or blog, added to e-mails, or included with your posting on Facebook and other social media. When someone clicks on our banner and visits our website, the source of their referral is tracked via special coding called "cookies". When someone you refer buys one of our products, the credit card company automatically knows that you were the referring source for that sale and you receive a sales commission for your effort.

What you can earn:
The people at Read Now! are very excited to be giving back to individuals and organizations which share our enthusiasm for helping America's youth get the best possible start in their educational journey by learning to read with Read Now! As a result we offer a 50% commission on all sales made through our Affiliate Program. That can translate into a very meaningful contribution to your family income or your school fundraising programs!

How you can start right now:
Our credit card company, ECSuite, runs our Affiliate Program for us. It is part of one of the world's largest and most respected online credit card processing organizations. By using the form below, you can be register with them and obtain your Affiliate ID. Through your Affiliate Account, you will have access to a full array of reports and support materials - including access to the html codes for adding our banners, data relating to the number of referrals you are making to our site, and most importantly - information about what you are earning by sharing Read Now! ECSuite maintains a very professional Affiliate Support team to answer any questions you may have about your account.

Interested but don't know how or where to begin?
If you want to become an Affiliate but need help, feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. Whether you need technical support in adding our banners to your website or e-mails; or even if you need help in creating a website or advice as to how to "spread the word" we're here to help. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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