In addition to the basic research which led to the creation of the "I See Sam" beginning reading program, researchers later conducted a follow-up study to determine if the program had any lasting effects.

The study compared high school students who had learned to read with "I See Sam" to those who had not.

The study revealed the following:

  • Students who had learned to read with the program
  • Were better readers.
  • Got better grades in school.
  • Had a more positive attitude towards reading.
  • Even students in economically disadvantaged school districts (who had learned to read with the program) were better readers than those students in more advantaged districts (who had not learned to read with the program)!

For those of you who might be interested in obtaining a copy of the follow-up research study, it is available for sale. Just send us a note and we can provided you with more information on that subject.

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