PRICING PROGRAM: Economic Assistance

In the current economic environment, with the associated cut-backs in spending on education at the federal, state and local levels, it's more important than ever to give our children all of the help we can.

But we know that families are struggling for many of the same reasons our school are having problems -- economic challenges.

As a result, we have initiated Sam's "Helping Hand" Discount:

For anyone who is receiving public assistance, unemployment benefits, or who is unemployed or underemployed, we offering Read Now! at the special discounted price of $69.00

Reading is the fundamental learning skill upon which all further educational progress relies. Whether children can develop early reading skills is a very strong predictor of how they are likely to do in the future -- in school, at work, and even as parents and contributing members of society.

The facts are sobering. Children who do not establish a sound foundation in reading when they are beginning learners are unlikely ever to read at grade level. These youngsters are at high risk for later school failure, behavioral problems, for dropping out, and for a host of negative life outcomes once they reach adulthood. Give your loved one the advantage he/she deserves.

Yes! I want Read Now! at Sam's "Helping Hand" Discount price of $69.00.

If you prefer to order directly over the phone or by e-mail, feel free to reach us at

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Read Now! guarantees that your beginner reader will learn to read or your money back!
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