F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Read Now!?
  2. What's so special about the "I See Sam" System?
  3. How does Read Now! help beginning readers learn to read?
  4. Explain the Read Now! guarantee.
  5. What can a beginning reader expect to have learned after completing the Read Now! program?
  6. What do I get when I purchase Read Now!?
  7. In addition to the "I See Sam" reading system, what are the other benefits of Read Now!
  8. What did the follow up research on the "I See Sam" beginning reading program say about it's long term effects?

Read Now!
is the exciting phonics based beginning reading video program that is based on the sucessful and extensively tested "I See Sam" reading system that has been used in thousands of American schools for over 25 years. Millions of beginning readers have learned to read with this fantastic system. Success is guaranteed.

The "I See Sam" beginning reading system was developed by an educational think tank with $10 million in research and development funding. It was extensively tested and verified in real schools across the United States. It is estimated that over 25 million beginning readers have learned to read with the "I See Sam" system. A team of over 100 experts were involved in its development, including reading specialists, primary grade teachers, psycholinguists, child psychologists, children's story writers and children's story illustrators.

Read Now! uses the following elements to teach beginning reading: special sequencing of words and sentences (based on extensive research by reading experts), phonics, sight reading, animated synchronized reading, whole language elements, self-confidence building, positive reinforcement, original songs and live action segments (for multisensory involvement).

When properly used Read Now! will help any beginning reader (in the absence of a learning disability) learn to read. We are so confident of that, that we offer a "money back" guarantee.

If after following the Read Now! Instruction Manual and documenting the daily use of the Program (on the enclosed Instruction Checklist) over a 30 day period, your beginning reader has not learned how to read -- you can return the album for a complete refund. We believe in the educational power of the Read Now! system. Moreover, thousands of satisfied beginning readers attest to the program's efficacy. We'll look forward to hearing about your success story too!

The Read Now! system will --
  • Teach your beginning reader the 137 basic words (specifically identified by reading experts) which will unlock the English language.
  • Teach 24 beginning and ending sound elements.
  • Teach them to blend consonants and vowel sounds.
  • Teach them to sound out and read any one-syllable word composed of word elements from the program.
  • Provide them with an understanding of basic story structure, character development and story content.

The Read Now! beginning reading program consists of the following materials:
  • 2 Full length DVD's/videos (approximately two hours in length).
  • 14 Read-a-Long books (over 300 pages).
  • 2 Audio tapes.
  • 1 Audio CD.
  • 1 Instruction Guide.
  • 1 Instruction Checklist.

The producers of Read Now! took the original, thoroughly tested and proven, material of the "I See Sam" reading program and brought in Disney quality artists to create colorful and entertaining animation with synchronized reading elements. In addition, the main character of the reading program, "Sam The Lion", has been brought to life as a "walk-around" character and is featured in a variety of "living and learning/positive morals" story segments, with an ethnically diverse group of young beginning readers, The Alpha Bunch. Combined with original music created by an award winning song writer, the videos give the beginning reader the opportunity to get interactively involved on a number of levels. This enhances the learning experience and draws her/him into the learning process in a unique way.

Once the basic learning method has been demonstrated by a parent or other caregiver, the program can be used by students on their own -- without adult supervision.

The program builds self-confidence and includes a variety of other valuable concepts:

  • Basic moral behavior towards others.
  • Creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Independence.
  • Learning is fun.
  • Sensitivity to the feelings of others.
  • Sharing
  • Teamwork

In addition to the basic research which led to the creation of the "I See Sam" beginning reading program (on which Read Now! is based), researchers later conducted a follow-up study to determine if the program had any lasting effects. The study compared high school students who had learned to read with "I See Sam" to those who had not. The study revealed the following:

  • Students who had learned to read with the program -
    • Were better readers.
    • Got better grades in school.
    • Had a more positive attitude towards reading.
  • Even students in economically disadvantaged school districts (who had learned to read with the program) were better readers than those students in more advantaged districts (who had not learned to read with the program)!

For those of you who might be interested in obtaining a copy of the follow-up research study, it is available for sale. Just send us a note and we can provided you with more information on that subject.

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